What to Do When You Are Pick Pocketed

by What to Do When You Are Pick Pocketed

Losing your keys, purse, phone or wallet in any circumstances can be not only annoying but inconvenient. Worst still if you are pick-pocketed it then begins a whole new ball game with very serious consequences.

Should you become a victim of pick pocketing then the situation is much more serious as this is done with criminal intent and to alleviate you of as much cash and possessions possible. 

Here are our top ten tips to follow to minimise the damage, to yourself and your belongings.

  1. As soon as you realise you have been pick pocketed you should immediately inform the police, if you know where you have been robbed of your possessions then let them know. If you are lucky they might have it on CCTV and can apprehend the villain or at least have a description.
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  3. NEVER EVER keep your driving licence in your purse or wallet with your credit cards EVER!..Yes I agree it will be an absolute ball ache if you are pulled over by the police and they will want to see your drivers licence, they have the facilities to check whether you do or do not have a valid license. Leaving your drivers license with your credit cards is far more devastating than not having it immediately to hand to be able to show a police officer, leaving it with your cards makes it even easier for criminals to steal your identity.
  1. On a small piece of paper, keep a list of your credit and debit card stolen hotlines, this makes it much easier when reporting your cards missing and the paper is unlikely to be lifted at the same time.                                                                                       (Yes, DON’T keep it in your wallet but in a separate pocket!)
  2. You should ALWAYS have a secure lock on your phone, whether it is a biometric fingerprint, pattern lock or straight-forward pin code. It is amazing the wealth of information a criminal can access through your mobile. (You should report immediately to your phone provider.)
  3. Should your car keys go missing, stay near your car, and report to your insurance, get someone out straight away. Unfortunately although remote locking/unlocking is very handy, it is easy for a thief to walk through a car park or street pressing the unlock button until he (or she) finds your vehicle. Under no circumstances should you approach them, they may be dangerous and a car is replaceable you are not! With house keys, get your locks changed straight away!
  4. Avoid keeping all your possessions in the one pocket, although not foolproof, the most expert of pickpockets can alleviate you of everything except your shirt. Dividing your stuff across pockets makes you a harder target and also limits any damage.
  5. We have mentioned this before but worthy of another mention is to NEVER approach a pickpocket, they may be carrying a weapon, be violent or cause you physical harm. Take a good look at them so you can pass on a full description to the police.
  6. Acting quickly is important, by stopping all your cards, reporting your phone stolen, car keys etc… you reduce the risk of losing a lot more than the money in your wallet. For instance, it has been known for pickpockets to make huge withdrawals from your accounts or major spends within 20 minutes of stealing your cards.                                                                                           Act Quick Reduce the Risk!
  7. If you are travelling away, (or even for local use) invest in a money-belt, an anti-slash bag or anti-pickpocketing clothing which again can reduce the risk of you becoming a victim.
  8. Be vigilant at all times, avoid carrying your possessions in back pockets, side pockets, handbags and backpacks, again not fool proof but by concealing in an inside pocket(s) makes it harder for them to get to. (But not impossible!)

Remember, it is all about being aware of your surroundings, concealing your belongings and making it as difficult a job as possible.  Although following all the above top ten tips on avoiding being pick pocketed isn’t guaranteed, they will however vastly reduce the risk and hopefully avoid you falling victim of a pickpocket.

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