The Key Benefits of Lee Thompson’s Pickpocket For Hire Personal Safety Keynote.

by The Key Benefits Of A Lee Thompson’s Pickpocket For Hire Personal Safety Keynote.

So, why attend Lee Thompson’s pickpocket for hire personal safety Keynote? Being street smart is much different today than say 10 or 20 years ago. Criminals are more daring, cons are more complex and with the digital era, it’s not just what is in your pockets that can be taken, in fact even your personal identity is at risk!

So, what are the key benefits of a pickpocket for hire personal safety Keynote as opposed to watching a collection of videos on YouTube or reading about it online? Let us outline this for you… 

By attending a pickpocket for hire personal safety workshop or personal safety training course you get to experience at first hand and this is much more memorable than reading a book or watching a video. (In real life, your senses AND your memory is much more enhanced, it’s a bit like learning a new language, people learn a LOT faster when in the country of origin of that language, rather than learning from books, apps and tapes).

As well as the heightened awareness when attending a personal safety workshop, you also get to interact, take part in exercises and witness first-hand various cons, tricks and techniques. And it is this ‘In the trenches’ experience that is invaluable.

Our pickpocket for hire personal safety workshops are always kept small, this means we can work with both the group and at the same time provide one on one training, interaction as well as ensure everyone understands the various techniques of keeping safe and make sure all questions are answered. This gives a much more enhanced experience and maximises the benefits you get from our personal safety workshop or personal safety training course.

We can provide a range of personal safety workshop and personal safety training course options. This is from a small group, booked by individuals to providing a corporate personal safety training course, provided by your company or corporation. And companies are realising that the wellbeing and safety of their employees are vital, after all a victim of pickpocketing, identity theft etc is bound to have an affect on their work performance, also it can affect more than just the victim, but family, friends and employees.

You could liken taking a personal safety workshop to learning to swim, it is a useful piece of knowledge to carry with you, and you never know when it could save you a very expensive loss. Of course, with swimming, you have to go into the water, with personal safety there are many more sharks on land that will attempt to strip you of your assets.

Are your corporate clients looking for something edgy and engaging?

Lee Thompson is the world’s leading pick pocketing authority and a former Cirque du Soleil headliner who also teaches people how to stay safe and avoid property and identity theft.

Lee is available for all types of events and general enquiries are always welcome.

If you are interested in booking Lee as a personal safety speaker for your corporate event, or as a surprise dinner guest please get in touch.

For more information call lee on 07805 093623 or email  directly at


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