Something borrowed, something blue something pickpocketed from a guest

by Wedding Entertainment

So, you are getting  married, the date is set, the venue is set, the dress has been found and even the honeymoon has been booked.

There is just one thing missing.

What entertainment will you provide for your guests at the reception?

Discos and DJs are fine, a bit old hat but they do at least provide some music and make dads dance because the dad dances are a core component of any wedding reception.

You could book a live band to perform some dreadful covers of songs you once loved until you hear them ruined as the lead singer gets drunk on champagne and gin, again  this is a core component of any wedding reception.

While the dad dances and drunk singers may create some “do you remember when” moments in the future they do not necessarily make your wedding a wedding to remember. More than ever you need wedding entertainers that make the guests laugh out loud, be amazed  and have an experience they will never forget, not because it is a wedding but because the entertainment is so damn good.

Enter, the pickpocket.  Lee Thompson is the world’s number one pickpocket and has been entertaining people all over the world with his unique brand of fun, magic and so much more.  Lee Thompson and his amazing team will turn your wedding reception or breakfast into a? (the perfect?) never to forget experience not just another wedding event.

From simple at the table magic tricks and some skilful  pickpocketing that will surprise and amaze all your guests to a fully staged performance that includes comedy waiters that takes your event to levels never experienced before.

Your guests, and even you as the bride and groom could (optional) all unwittingly become part of the performance.  But there is more.

Pickpocket for hire can add many extras to your wedding reception that your guests will not expect and even stage a full red carpet paparazzi meet and greet as your guests arrive that may make them think they are at the wrong place. As part of a wedding photography service Lee and his amazing team will produce an awesome and very different set of wedding photos where ties go missing, watches vanish and who knows what other surprises happen to create memories captured forever that you will never forget.

The beat the cheat booth drives people crazy and is a unique and fun addition to any wedding reception. Even a Las Vegas style casino can be set up to give your wedding some extra pizzazz.  To be honest, Pickpocket for Hire can take away all the pressure of planning many aspects of your wedding from a simple photo shoot with some added fun to an intimate event with some fun table side entertainment to a full all singing, all dancing show that will have your guests rolling on the floor with laughter, picking their  jaws up off the table from the magic performed in front of their eyes and lost for words at how someone stole a wallet and a watch without noticing.

Wedding entertainment need not be same old same old. A wedding needs to be a day to remember for the happy couple, the families, and the guests.

For a unique wedding you will never forget think out of the box and let Lee Thompson and his team put things together in a way unlike any wedding has ever been celebrated. 

Are your corporate clients looking for something edgy and engaging?

Lee Thompson is the world’s leading pick pocketing authority and a former Cirque du Soleil headliner who also teaches people how to stay safe and avoid property and identity theft.

Lee is available for all types of events and general enquiries are always welcome.

If you are interested in booking Lee as a personal safety speaker for your corporate event, or as a surprise dinner guest.

please get in touch via our contact page today!


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