Close Up Magic

Looking for something truly unique, creative & unusual  to “Wow” your guests?

You’re in the right place to hire  

a close up magician!

Perfect for corporate events, Weddings, private parties, community events, & a multitude of other social gatherings. Our acts can be specialised to meet the needs of your clients & can be customised to the desired time frame & space restrictions; Strolling, Atmosphere, & Custom Shows are available, adding colour, class & enrichment to your  event.

pickpocket for hire Lee Thompson Close up magic

Close up Magic

We provide our very own in-house expert pickpockets & elite magicians, who are fully fledge members of the world renowned ‘THE MAGIC CIRCLE” in London, with MIMC with gold star status (Members of the Inner Magic Circle, with only 300 members world wide being awarded this by the president of the Magic circle himself), as well as The Magic Castle in Hollywood, guaranteeing you the very best modern skilled magicians to bring magic to your guests.

Our in house team of performers have a  performance style that is an elegant and intimate form of entertainment, 

We call it ‘close up magic’, where our magicians & pickpockets or mind readers mix & mingle with your guests, seated or standing, performing several intimate performances for small groups of guests around your event. 

The client will provide a safe & lockable changing room for the Artiste(s) & their belongings. This will include a shower or wash basin and long mirror.Parking.

Water & soft drinks will be provided by the Client. A hot meal will be provided by the Client.

Acces to changing Facility at least 3 hours before event starts

Pickpocket for hire close up magic

No camera tricks, the magic happens right in front of your guests eyes, right in the their hands, seamlessly blending the most astonishing mini close up illusions delivered with wit and humour to give a spectacular performance that your guests will never forget.

 This type of entertainment offers your guests the ability to take part in miniature sleight of hand miracles up close.

We don’t just offer a set routine of magic, we are very versatile & can include meeting & greeting magic, mingling with your

guests & performing astonishing tricks of the mind right in front of their very eyes with our specialised close up magic.

We can also offer comedy magic illusion show. include sleight of hand, amazing Funny pickpocket feats & have your guests fully engaged & entertained.

 Our experienced magicians are able to customise their  show to suit exactly what you want, we can perform table magic between courses & specialise in magic at weddings, dinner parties & corporate dinners or of course just for fun.

 As you can see we have a wide & varied choice of entertainment  themes that will work their magic around your event schedule, all you need to do is give us a call & we will be more than happy to discuss how we can provide you the best entertainment for your event & make it one to be remembered

 We are available for any event that you have in mind whether it be a corporate event, wedding, private party, a birthday, special occasion or even a family fun day. 



“I had no idea you had done that!”

Piers Morgan

ITV Good Morning Britain

“You’ve got ME watch!”

Matt Baker

live on The One Show

“Ha! Ha! Very good, I genuinely didn’t feel that!” 

Joe Crowley

Police 5 (On channel 5)

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We are available for any event that you have in mind whether it be a Corporate Event, Wedding, Private Party, a Birthday, Special Occasion or even a Family Fun Day. 

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