Beat The Cheat Bunco Booth

Looking for something truly unique, creative and unusual  to “Wow” your guests?

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Beat The Cheat Bunco Booth!

Perfect for corporate events, Weddings, private parties, community events, and a multitude of other social gatherings. Our acts can be specialised to meet the needs of your clients and can be customised to the desired time frame and space restrictions; Strolling, Atmosphere, & Custom Shows are available, adding colour, class and enrichment to your  event.

Pickpocket for Hire Beat the cheat BUNCO BOOTH

From the PT Barnum & Bailey days of the side show,

Can you ‘Beat the cheat’ at his own game?  Your guests can try their luck!!!

Lee or a member of his team, all experienced international magicians, will let you have a try at beating the cheat, then fleece you and leave you aghast!

Don’t worry, you wont loose any money, but you will loose sleep trying to guess how its done!

If you think you can ‘find the lady’ prepare to be astounded.

Our ‘Beat the Cheat’ performer’s nimble fingers manipulate playing cards, coins and other such items, so you will never win, however hard you try!

How it works at your event

Lee and his team (optinal) set up our Self contained “Beat The Cheat”  in your designated performance area, complete with light and Bose sound system to enhance the performance your area

Lee and his team’s professionalism and personality instantly puts your guests at ease, and of course  no reall money is played at the Beat the cheat Bunco just astonishment, laughter and disbelief!

The client will provide a safe and lockable changing room for the Artiste(s) and their belongings. This will include a shower or wash basin and long mirror.

Water and soft drinks will be provided by the Client. A hot meal will be provided by the Client.

Acces to changing Facility at least 3 hours before event starts

Pickpocket for Hire Lee Thompson mobile Beat The Cheat

Have a go at the Bunco Booth or sit back and just enjoy the show!

Set shows and demonstrations at the “Bunco Booth”,

invite your guests to beat the cheat and never give a sucker an even break!

also avaliable our mobile mix n mingle Beat The Cheat, working from his suitcase or tea chest.

Guests can also learn bar bets and scams, never buying another round of drinks again!!

Can you beat the cheat at his own game!



“I had no idea you had done that!”

Piers Morgan

ITV Good Morning Britain

“You’ve got ME watch!”

Matt Baker

live on The One Show

“Ha! Ha! Very good, I genuinely didn’t feel that!” 

Joe Crowley

Police 5 (On channel 5)

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